Prem Anand Earnest Dhass

Prem Anand Earnest Dhass

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First Name * Prem
Last Name * Anand Earnest Dhass
Username * shinyprem
Country * India
City Bangalore
Nationality Indian
Languages EnglishHindiMalayTamil


Current Position Team Lead
Current Company Technicolor India
Areas of Expertise 3D Animation and Gamming
Preferred Tools * ToolsMaya and 3DS MAX.*Software KnowledgeMAYA (ModelingRiggingAnimationMELDynamics)Photoshop3DS MaxProgramming in BASICPASCALFORTRANMSOfficeMaya3DS MAXetc.*Maya ExpertiseKinematics and IK system.Use Of Deformers and Constrains.Creating Facial ExpressionAnimation Controls and IK / FK Switching.Indirect methods of Skinning using Wrap &Lattice Deformers.Knowledge of Modeling in Nurbs &Polygon.Knowledge in Particle EmissionFluid EffectsSoft/Rigid Bodies and applying Effects.Knowledge of Rendering and Simulation.*Area Of InterestScriptingSimulation and Dynamics.


Availability: Freelance
Skype shinyprem


* Current employers website

I was with Paprikaas since December 2005. We are tied up with Thomson on March 2007. Technicolor reinvented itself from Thomson on February 1st, 2010 by restructuring.

* I am comfortable in MAYA and MAX

* I have been into 3D digital graphics from April,2004. I am interested in Rigging, MEL, Simulation, Dynamics.

I have been part of the team as Rigger on the Projects done by my employer. Some of them are listed below:-

* Rigged 3D realistic Characters and props for Center for Interactive Cinema Research in Advanced Visualization and Interaction Environment.

* Rigged 3D cartoon characters and props for Farmkids Television Series (Around Twenty Five Episodes).

*Rigged characters and props for Legend of Spyro: Eternal Night (Game Cinematic).

* Also have done Rigging for Pilot_Mighty Boltz and cloth simulation for test project (DVD series)_BerryTales.

*Rigged Quadruped, Biped, vehicles, Hot Air Balloon, Plants,Insects and Props for Back at the Barnyard Television Series (Twenty Five Episodes).
Please see the schedule of the telecast at-

*Back at the Barnyard Won Outstanding Special Class Animated Program On August 31,2009 at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences 36th annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

*Rigged characters, Vehicle and Props for Ben10: Alien Force (Game Cenimatics).

*Rigged Characters and Props for Clutch Power! And the Adventures of Team LEGO (DVD series).

*Won Best Rigger for second quarter 2009 from our organization's 3R (Reward, Recognize, Reinforce) program for Madagascar Penguins TV Series.

*Rigged Props and Sets for First and Second season (26 episodes each) for Madagascar Penguins TV Series.

*The Penguins of Madagascar won 37th Annual Annie Nominations and Award on Feb 06, 2010.

*Rigged Props and Sets for First, Second and Third season (26 episodesx22minutes) Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness TV Series. My task as a team Lead includes Rigging, preparation of project plans, man and time estimates, job allocation, QC, Tech fix, Tools to speed up work, communicating to the client and file upload to client .

*Jagur rigged by myself for Absolut México "Now & Then", A Dr. Lakra Collaboration ! (Sept 2012)
View @

*Technical fixes for Savva a 3D movie by GLUK'OZA production.

*Currently rigging for Bing Bunny Sieries developed by Acamar Films producing 78 x 7’ animated series and has secured a first broadcast deal with pre-school channel CBeebies in the U.K.!

*Own Publication :- Vehicle Auto Rig.
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